Cheeseknife, The Ore Cheeser®


Safely cuts cheese rinds from cheese, slices and cubes with ease. To cut cubes, remove the cheese knife from the guide, turn it over and insert it into the second groove. Ready to cut narrow strips of thicker cheese.
The wood is steamed beech, the cheese knife is matted stainless steel with a nice fishtale looking beech handle.


Cheeseknife, The Ore Cheeser®

At Ore Design, we value a personal design touch. See the fish shape in the metal top with the wooden fish tail?

Safely remove cheese rinds and experience more flavor.

This cheese knife is great for removing cheese rinds. Most cheese knives are roundly unsuitable for cutting cheese rinds with it. Using a sharp knife to remove the hard cheese rind risks hitting the fingertips to the point of bleeding. We have found a solution to that with this cheese knife. The blacksmith’s secret is in the guide of the cheese knife. It ensures that one has one hand free to properly hold the cheese and place it against the knife. With slight pressure, you push the cheese knife through the cheese. This causes the slice of cheese to curl off the knife.

If you turn the knife over and place it in the other knife guide then by pushing lightly with the non-sharp bottom of the cheese knife you can also make cubes or strips.

We find that we can better taste the flavor of the cheese when the slices and cubes are not too thick.
Have a nice delicious appetite!

Remove cheese rinds,

Cutting slices


Cutting cubes.

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Packaging The Ore Cheeser. We pack it beautifully for you.